The Track Jeddah

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Saudi Arabia


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Circuit Length

1000 mt

Circuit Direction


Track Record

Pole Direction

The Track Jeddah


  • MINI

    License National ASN karting license
    Age 8 years in the current year / 12 years old
    Weight 110 kg
    Engine IAME Water Swift 60cc
    Tyres Komet K1D-M


    License Karting License Grade G
    Age 12 years in the current year / 15 years old
    Weight 145 kg
    Engine IAME X30 125cc
    Tyres Komet Komet K2H


    License Karting License Grade E
    Age from 15 years in the current year
    Weight 158 kg
    Engine IAME X30 125cc
    Tyres Komet K2H

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