Østfold - KNA Varna Kart Ring

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RCC (Racing car club) Varna founded in 1971 - Current (from 2001) KNA Varna is 50 years old these days. The club's pioneers started racing go-karts in 1962. In the early years, they raced on gravel and ice tracks. The first asphalt race in 1964 was run on the Ringbanen at Gardermoen. Norlett-cup was the first street race, and was run in Askim in 1972. Several street races were run with go-karts in the center of Moss in the following years. One of Varna's grandfathers was Terje Aas, who started building karts in 1962. Varna's first chairman was Bengt Svendsen from 1971-1973. This was when the planning of the Varna mapping course began, and there were changes of foremen along the way. Bengt Svendsen was chairman again in 1982 when the track was opened in August 1982. Throughout these years, there is a lot of history from earlier years and up to today where the club is called KNA Varna, and thanks to previous and later leaders, the club is still in full operation and growth.

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Østfold - KNA Varna Kart Ring

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