Triumphs and Thrills at IAME Final Games 2023 at South Garda Karting

12 November 2023

In the recent edition of the IAME Final Games 2023, held at the prestigious South Garda Karting, karting enthusiasts witnessed unforgettable moments, with exciting races and victories that will be etched in the history of this international competition.

MINI: Italian Niccolò Perico Takes the Crown

In the MINI category, Italian driver Niccolò Perico from Zanchi Motorsport stole the spotlight, clinching victory with an impressive time of 55.364. Following closely behind, Spanish racer Kacper Rajpold from Oliver Rowland Motosport showcased extraordinary skills, securing the second position and adding even more excitement to the competition.

X30 Junior: English and Bulgarian Showdown

X30 Junior delivered a spectacular race with English driver Harrison Mackie dominating the track and securing the first position. Bulgarian talent Lyuboslav Ruykov demonstrated his prowess, claiming the second spot and earning a prestigious place in the competition.

X30 Senior: French Triumph with Andy RateI

In the X30 Senior category, French driver Andy RateI from Pantano Racing Team emerged victorious, followed by Italian Riccardo Ferrari from M2 Racing. The competition among seniors was intense, with high-caliber drivers giving their all on every turn of the circuit.

X30 Master: Japanese Victory with Takeharu Nakamori

The X30 Master category saw Japanese driver Takeharu Nakamori triumphing with impeccable driving. French racer Eric Chapon secured the second position, adding further charm to an already thrilling race.

KA100: French Success with Ewan Carrot

In the KA100 category, French driver Ewan Carrot shone, claiming victory. Julien Chastanet, another French talent, secured the second spot, contributing to the French team's dominance in this category.

Atmosphere and Weather Conditions: A Snowy Backdrop

The event took place in the picturesque setting of South Garda Karting, surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains that added to the magical atmosphere. Weather conditions posed an additional challenge to the drivers, testing their skills and determination.

Special Thanks to the Team and Organizer

A heartfelt thanks go to the teams from Series Italy and Series France present at the circuit, who, with passion and dedication, contributed to the success of the event. Special applause is reserved for the organizer, X30 Promotion, for the excellent work in orchestrating such a high-profile competition.

In conclusion, the IAME Final Games 2023 was an extraordinary experience marked by thrilling victories, enchanting landscapes, and unforgettable moments. The passion for karting once again demonstrated its power to unite enthusiasts and athletes from around the world in a unique celebration of four-wheeled sport.