Round 4 of IAME Series Asia Set to Take Place in Selangor's Iconic Sepang International Karting Circuit

08 July 2024
KINEQX, the organizer of the much-anticipated IAME Series Asia, has announced that the event's Round 4 will be held in the world-class Sepang International Karting Circuit (SIKC) in Selangor, Malaysia. This thrilling karting competition is set to take place on July 13-14, 2024, and will feature the following categories: Cadet, Junior, Senior, and Master. The Stunning Sepang International Karting Circuit Nestled in the heart of Sepang, Selangor, the Sepang International Karting Circuit is a breathtaking venue that has played host to numerous international karting events. With a length of 1,140 meters and a width of 9 meters, the track is designed to challenge even the most skilled drivers, providing them with an adrenaline-pumping experience they will never forget. The Exciting Categories The IAME Series Asia Round 4 will feature four exciting categories that cater to drivers of all ages and skill levels. Cadet - This category is perfect for young drivers aged 8-12 years old. It is a stepping stone for those who aspire to become future racing champions. Junior - For drivers aged 13-16 years old, the Junior category tests their agility, speed, and racing skills. This category serves as a training ground for those who wish to move up to higher racing levels. Senior - The Senior category is designed for drivers aged 17 years old and above. It is a highly competitive class that requires physical strength, mental toughness, and a deep understanding of racing strategies. Master - The Master category is an open category for drivers aged 32 years old and above. It serves as a platform for seasoned drivers to showcase their skills and continue their passion for racing. The Powerful IAME Engines At the heart of every kart are the powerful IAME engines. These engines provide the necessary horsepower and reliability, ensuring a thrilling and fair competition for all drivers. Join the Thrilling IAME Series Asia Round 4 If you are a karting enthusiast or a racing driver looking for a new challenge, then you shouldn't miss the IAME Series Asia Round 4. With its stunning venue, exciting categories, and powerful IAME engines, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience that will ignite your passion for karting. Mark your calendars and get ready to join the action-packed IAME Series Asia Round 4 on July 13-14, 2024, at the Sepang International Karting Circuit in Selangor, Malaysia. See you there!