Exclusive: Thrilling Opening of IAME Series Italy with Round 01 at Circuito Internazionale 7 Laghi Kart

24 March 2024

Italian motorsport kicked off the season with a sensational opening of the IAME Series Italy at Circuito Internazionale 7 Laghi Kart, situated in the picturesque town of Castelletto di Branduzzo. The event, powered by IAME engines, delivered intense competition across four main categories: X30 Senior, S125M, X30 Junior, and X30 Mini. After a day of gripping races, here are the top three finishers in each category.

X30 Senior: Scognamiglio Seizes Victory with Determination

In the X30 Senior category, Manuel Scognamiglio of Tellone Motorsport team showcased his skill by clinching the top spot on the podium. The driver displayed impeccable performance, maneuvering his Tony Kart with mastery and finishing the race with a time of 14:47.198 over 18 laps. Behind him, Roberto Castellozzi from TBKart Racing Team Srl and Andrea Barbieri, also from TBKart Racing Team Srl, secured the podium, solidifying their presence in the competition.

S125M: Luci Triumphs in Style

The S125M category witnessed Giulio Luci of OK1 Racing Team emerge as the undisputed winner. Luci dominated the race with his IPK - OK1, completing the race in just 16 laps with a time of 13:19.145. Gianni Zani and Christian Carlesso completed the podium, showcasing the strength and determination of OK1 Racing Team and privateer Zani Gianni.

X30 Junior: Marchesi Claims Victory

In the X30 Junior category, Nicolas Marchesi of Team Driver Racing Team proved to be a formidable contender, clinching victory with his KR. Marchesi finished the race in 13:22.088 over 16 laps, surpassing Christian Romeo of G.P. Racing Srl and Cocchianella Luigi Antonio, also from Team Driver Racing Team, who secured the podium.

X30 Mini: Riedel Triumphs in a Tight Competition

Finally, in the X30 Mini category, Sebastian Riedel of Team Driver Racing Team showcased his talent by emerging as the winner. Riedel skillfully guided his KR to victory, finishing the race in 11:13.199 over 12 laps. Antonio Ianni from Team Driver Racing Team and Manuel Martufi from FK Motorsport A.S.D. completed the podium, in a competition that saw only a few seconds' difference between the top three drivers.

Next Round: Castrezzato at Franciacorta Karting Track

With Round 01 of the IAME Series Italy concluded successfully, attention now shifts to the next Round. Round 2 will take place at the Franciacorta Karting Track in Castrezzato from April 13, 2024, to April 14, 2024. Karting enthusiasts can already anticipate another dose of thrilling action and pure adrenaline as the country's top drivers gear up to compete for glory.